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Looking for voluntary research assistant 招募自愿研究助手

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Liang Jingyu is looking for an architectural student as a research assistant who can conduct a research project – one of the curator’s research mission for this year’s Shenzhen Biennale (Dec. 2007 to Mar. 2008 in Shenzhen, China). The qualified assistant must be able to work part time during this summer in Beijing and Shenzhen and part time at his/her own school during September to December. He/she will be able to do the site investigation in Shenzhen, statistic analyse and coordination with other research partners, possible English speaking only professors. The assitant must have academic level language ability in both Chinese and English, which can do the academic article translation from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese. For the interesting applicants, please send your CVs to approachstudio*AT* with the subject title “Shenzhen Biennale” Thank you!

Prof. Laurence Wie-wu Liauw 香港中大建筑廖维武教授

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Associate Professor Laurence Wie-wu Liauw teaching at Hongkong Chinese University. He was one of the architects participating last year’s Venice Biennale’s Hongkong Pavilion. Accompanied by architect Ma Yansong (MAD office), he came to our office presenting an very interesting project, and invite us to participate. We look forward to the future collaboration. (From left: Liang Jingyu, Laurence Liauw, Ma Yansong, Gu Wei)

Church Update 2

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

Article for DOMUS magazine:

Beijing Suburb Chapel


The site is a new residential future development of around a million square meters in a suburb of Beijing. It is currently a vast piece of land freed from any human interventions in terms of architecture and landscape. In the future it will be surrounded by high rise residential buildings, a bus terminal and a shopping centre.


What is a church? A church is a communication place where the human soul meets the divine. It is a shelter for not only religion and reflection, but it also serves as a communal centre for the fellow believers.

In China, Buddhism temples or ancestral temples provide similar functions but of course the expressions in architecture are different.

Having similar functions but different expression in architecture makes us ask the question how this is caused. Is the cause a result of different religions, or because the interpretation of spaces are different in different societies?

Does the expression of architecture need to be integrated in the culture that they are in?




现状是空地,未来四周则是全新的高密度高层居住建筑人工环境(也可以理解为与我们的项目差异性极大,以至于可以不将它们考虑为同类对待的环境)。没有现状的环境作为设计起点,也没有未来建成的都市环境可以互相呼应,整个项目是没有外部环境的单栋建筑。它的孤立很容易让人想到Herzog & de Meuron 在法国Leymen做的一栋小住宅,发生在纯粹自然的空旷的坡地上。虽然考虑了景观,但建筑本身的质量和内部显然是建筑师工作的重点所在。这和在这些年我们所参与到的和城市紧密结合的城市性工程是完全不同的经历。




New Office Renovation Development 5场域新办公室装修发展5

Friday, September 1st, 2006

Epoxy floor finishing on top of the cloth for meeting room / Paper comb filled panel for doors and tables:


New Office Renovation Development 2新办公室的装修

Friday, August 18th, 2006

In order to be closer to our partner, Jiuyuan TriStar team, we’ve decided to stay in the same building, instead of the other loft space a few blocks away. The new space is on the 15th floor of GuoRun Tower. Since the space is limited, the big challenge is to create as much as possible storage space for working models, drawings, docs, …etc.

These are some material that we’ve been studied for floor and wall finishing:


Searching right materials for the new office renovation为新办公室装修寻找合适的材料

Friday, June 30th, 2006

We are looking for right materials for the new possible ideas for the project – which will be started soon next month.